How to Frame Art Prints for Longevity and Aesthetic Appeal

As I’m launching prints on my website today, I thought I’d share some important info about the how to frame them!

I personally think art is a fantastic way to express your personality and add a touch of charm to your space.
Whether it's an original artwork or a print, every piece of art deserves the right frame to protect it and enhance its beauty.


I this blog post I’ll guide you through the steps to select and use simple frames for your prints, highlighting their colours, and making them look even more sophisticated.



Why Frame Your Prints?

Do you really need a frame for your prints? Yes.

Framing not only provides a visual appeal but also adds an extra layer of protection to your artwork.

When exposed to the elements, prints can become damaged or fade as their colours are more perishable than an original piece of art (usually!).

A good frame will shield your print from dust, moisture, and light that can otherwise lead to deterioration.



Choosing the Right Frame

This step makes all the difference in showcasing your new print.

A simple frame, especially in classic colours like black or white, will let the artwork shine without drawing attention away from it.

For those looking for affordable yet stylish options, IKEA offers a range of simple frames that can suit different styles and sizes of prints.

Look up the Ribba frame on your local Ikea website.

Alternatively, Desenio also offers a selection of sleek and stylish frames:

Wood as well as metal. Very cool!


Remember, the frame's colour should not overpower the print; instead, it should complement the artwork and help to draw the eye to it.



Get that Mat Board

While a simple frame can do wonders for your print, adding a mat board can take it to the next level.

A mat board serves a dual purpose: it protects your artwork by creating a buffer between the glass and the art and adds an extra touch of class and sophistication. So, yes, we need it!

A white mat board, in particular, can give your framed print a gallery-like quality. It creates a visual space around the artwork, helping it stand out and directing the viewer's eye towards the centre of the piece.


You can find various mat options at both IKEA and Desenio.



Framing your art prints is both a practical choice for their longevity and an aesthetic one to let them shine.

Stay true to your style by selecting prints and frames that resonate with you and your aesthetics.


By choosing a simple frame and adding a mat board, you can ensure your prints are displayed to their full potential, making them look more sophisticated and inviting.


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