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Irish Made, Italian Soul

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Elisa Capitanio

Italian Abstract Artist, currently living and working in Ireland. 
Everything I do, I believe in eliciting balance, emotional colours, simple shapes. Creating peaceful and harmonious experiences, visually honest and easy to understand. 
This translates into my art, design and projects.

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For a while I was thinking of commissioning a canvas to Elisa and the occasion presented itself for my wife’s birthday. We liked the idea of something with green, our favourite colour.
The final piece is stunning, when I look at it I envision myself in the woods, with my eyes looking up at the sky. Wonderful.

Michele, Berlin (Germany)

I let Elisa free to create a new artwork for my new home, I only shared with her a few pictures and the dimensions of the wall I wanted to display her art. I didn’t want to give her any direction because I was sure the final piece was going to leave me speechless, and so it did! The painting struck me since the moment I opened the package and it’s perfect for my new home. It grabs attention and gets compliments from all my guests too! Excellent job!

Andrea, Bergamo (Italy)

I commissioned a big work for my fiancée's birthday to Elisa because I've admired her style for years, the care she puts in her work and the uniqueness of her pieces. My fiancée was speechless when she opened the package. We are so happy with our custom piece! Thank you Elisa

Marcello, Milan (Italy)

I shared my idea for my sister’s graduation present with Elisa, the motive and the style. And she was able to create something even better than what I envisioned. Fantastic piece. Really appreciated present!

Valerio, Reykjavik (Iceland)

This was a dream come true art commission. First art commission I’ve ever ordered by the way. When I reached out to Elisa i said:
“Imagine you’ve just fallen from your surfboard and you’re floating under the surface looking up towards the sky and you see this beautiful combination of sparkling blue and turquoise tropical water..”
And. Elisa. Delivered. Spot on. Pure perfection.
Blue is a happy colour.

Kati, Helsinki (Finland)

Elisa was super easy to work with, only giving her a few directions she created the perfect pieces for my new home.
Exactly what I had in mind!

Giulia, Milan (Italy)

I needed a custom size piece of art for a specific place in my home and Elisa was able to do that no problem. She listened to the colour palette I wanted and the result was brilliant!
The turnaround time was quick too!

Amanda, Co. Dublin (Ireland)

We really enjoyed the whole process of commissioning two pieces of Art from the lovely Elisa. She is a very talented artist with her unique paintings and electric colour choices. We loved the finished designs!

Tracey, Co. Dublin (Ireland)

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