the process

My abstract art commissions are created on high-quality canvas or paper, and are available in a variety of sizes to fit any space.

The commission process is easy and enjoyable, you can share your ideas, inspiration, or any details, and I will work with you to create a piece of art that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Don't settle for mass-produced art when you can have a truly unique, one-of-a-kind piece that expresses your individuality.
Order your abstract art commission today and add a touch of personality to your home!

how it works

I love create custom art for specific people or spaces, working on any size, but large scale is definitively welcome.

Custom pieces take 2-4 weeks.

I'll ask you questions about what you're looking for and ask you to show me examples of my past work that particularly resonate with you.
I'll also help you with size and colour choices.
Then I'll give you a quote, and require a non-refundable 50% deposit to begin.
Once the piece is ready, I'll send a final photo and require the remaining 50% before shipping.

I reserve the right to decline commission and make prints of any artwork I create.


bergamo, Italy


"I let Elisa free to create a new artwork for my new home, I only shared with her a few pictures and the dimensions of the wall I wanted to display her art.
I didn’t want to give her any direction because I was sure the final piece was going to leave me speechless, and so it did!
The painting struck me since the moment I opened the package and it’s perfect for my new home.It grabs attention and gets compliments from all my guests too!

Excellent job!"

Berlin, Germany


"For a while I was thinking of commissioning a canvas to Elisa and the occasion presented itself for my wife’s birthday.
We liked the idea of something with green, our favourite colour.

The final piece is stunning, when I look at it I envision myself in the woods, with my eyes looking up at the sky.


Milan, Italy


"Elisa was super easy to work with, only giving her a few directions she created the perfect pieces for me. Exactly what I had in mind!"

Reykjavik, Iceland


"I shared my idea for my sister’s graduation present with Elisa, the motive and the style. And she was able to create something even better than what I envisioned. Fantastic piece. Really appreciated present!"

Helsinki, Finland


"This was a dream come true art commission. First art commission I’ve ever ordered btw. I wanted Elisa to come to our home in Finland and make her paint a whole wall, but as we were renting. Elisa said “YES!”. Well.. “maybe not the whole wall... but we can definitely make something big and beautiful! And we can make it portable too. So that if you move somewhere again you can take it with you.” After hearing this I knew something magical would come out. Knowing her work and knowing that she knows what I like I had 100% faith in this project.I had a vision in my head about the perfect colour combination and this is how I explained it to Elisa: “Imagine you’ve just fallen from your surfboard and you’re floating under the surface looking up towards the sky and you see this beautiful combination of sparkling blue and turquoise tropical water..” And. Elisa. Delivered. Spot on. Pure perfection. Blue is a happy colour."

dublin, ireland


"We recently commissioned Elisa and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with.
She had a video call to discuss what we would like and to see where we would hang it and she took all our ideas on board.
She was quick and kept us in the loop at all stages.

We were very happy with the outcome and we would recommend Elisa for a commission for anyone considering it."

north co. Dublin, ireland


"I needed a custom size piece of art for a specific place in my home and Elisa was able to do that no problem. She listened to the colour palette I wanted and the result was brilliant! The turnaround time was quick too!"

milan, italy


"I commissioned a big work to Elisa because I have admired her style for years, the care she puts in her work and the uniqueness of her pieces. So I thought one of her pieces would be the ideal gift for my fiancée's birthday. Elisa asked me to send pictures of the room and gave me valuable advice on the size of the canvases, the technique and the perfect colours/shades (analysing the light present in the rooms at different times of the day and the colours and style of the furniture), always respecting my requests, with a constructive and competent spirit, very professional! Thanks to the photos that Elisa sent during the process, I was able to appreciate the different phases of the work and give some feedback. At the end of the work, I received a Photoshopped preview of the tryptic hanging in my living room, striking! She also shared with me the hyper-lapse video of the execution of the work, and it was amazing and made me understand the enormous amount of work, the precision and the patience needed to get to the final result. My fiancée was speechless when she opened the package and we are so happy with our custom piece! Thank you Elisa"

Dublin, Ireland


"We really enjoyed the whole process of commissioning two pieces of Art from the lovely Elisa. She is a very talented artist with her unique paintings and electric colour choices. We loved the finished designs!"

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