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1-on-1 Art Biz Consultation

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Transform Your Art Business While Balancing Family and Work
Are you a parent with a full-time job, dreaming of dedicating yourself to art completely? I understand the unique challenges you face — from finding time for your art amid family responsibilities and work demands to navigating the complexities of turning your passion into a viable career.

I'm here to help you. I'm opening slots for personalised, 1-on-1 consultations designed specifically for aspiring full-time artists like you. Let’s talk about refining your art, optimising your website, building an engaging email list, choosing the right platforms for your business, mastering time management, or any other questions burning in your mind.

You're Not Alone
Whether you're taking your first steps or have been riding this rollercoaster for a while, navigating the art world can feel overwhelming and isolating. But it doesn't have to be. I'm here to guide you through the maze, focusing on what matters most for your next steps.

What to Expect in Our 60-Minute Video Call:

  • Intro: Meet and Greet: A chance to connect and lay the foundation for our session.
  • Challenges: Tailored advice for your unique situation. Prior to our meeting, you'll receive a set of questions to help me understand your specific needs and challenges.
  • Action Plan: In the last 15 minutes, we'll craft a clear, actionable plan. You'll leave with practical steps and insights to apply directly to your art and business.

Booking Your Session
Upon purchasing a 1-on-1 session, you'll receive an email with all the details needed to schedule our time together. The price is per person, but I’m also open to group calls. Sharing the journey can amplify the learning, as you might find invaluable insights in questions from peers navigating similar paths.

Embrace the Possibility
Adjust the quantity in your cart for group sessions and embark on a transformative journey toward making your dream of being a full-time artist a reality, without sacrificing the joys of family life and financial stability.

1-on-1 Art Biz Consultation
1-on-1 Art Biz Consultation Sale price€147,00