Instagram Help #letmehelpyou


I wanted to call this “Instagram Hacks”, but... there are no hacks, sorry.
The hard reality is that you have to put in the work - and don't believe anyone that tells you otherwise!

The actual trick is to learn how to incorporate the “content creation” (I really hate the word content but it is what it is) into your practice so that posting doesn't become a panic-I-have-no-picture/video moment.

We’ll define a strategy to create a consistency in your posting habits and how to get a uniform feed.

I’ll show you how I have been creating videos (even before reels were cool!) of my process and how I do always have images and videos to post.

Before our call, which is 30 minutes long, I’ll send you a list of things to do, so that you get to the call with all the tools/apps/stuff you need.

Looking forward to chatting with you!

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