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Article: Art: The Beauty in Ease and Effort

Art: The Beauty in Ease and Effort

Art: The Beauty in Ease and Effort

It’s undeniable that art, in all its forms, holds a profound ability to captivate and inspire. It is not only a means of expression, but also a reflection of emotions and experiences. A window into the depths of the human mind.

In this case... my mind. Ciao!

The other day I was thinking about the difference between some of my recent artworks. The hours they take, sometimes long endless hours. Other times, oh this painting is ready. Already!


So what truly defines the process behind creating art? Is it the hours of painstaking effort, or is it the spontaneous moments when inspiration strikes effortlessly?

So in this blog post, I thought I’d just ramble away, exploring this art paradox, the duality between artworks that come easily and those that require immense dedication and effort.


You know the ones I’m talking about.



The Nuances of Creation

I don’t know about you, but some of my artworks seem to materialise effortlessly.


They possess an innate quality that makes them suuuuper easy to create as well as appearing simple to the observer.

But why is it so “easy”?

This simplicity is often the result of the artist's expertise in defining what is personally meaningful.

You have honed your skills to such an extent that your creative process becomes second nature, effortlessly translating thoughts and emotions onto the canvas.


On the other hand, as we all know, not all artworks are born from this place of ease.

Many painting demand a different level of attention and effort.

Even if they look similar to the previous category.

Maybe different colours, the artist's mood, clumsiness, and other external factors (for me a big one is being disturbed while I paint!) can contribute to a more complex process.

Your brain works in mysterious ways, challenged by fatigue or distractions. Yet, these challenges also pave the way for extraordinary results, and at the end, your perseverance shines through.



The Sense of Unease

I feel it already just by typing these words above.

When confronted with an artwork that seems to have come together too easily, a sense of unease creeps in.

You are just there, questioning whether enough effort has been dedicated to the piece. Looking at your artwork, you ponder…

Do I need to add more? Is this really finished?



Embracing the Journey

I think that being an artist means (between a bunch of other things) recognising that some creations come naturally, while others require time and diligent work.

It’s an ongoing journey of learning to let go, while appreciating the rewards of your own efforts.

When an artwork materialises with ease, just think that all your skills have paid off. The ability to produce something remarkable effortlessly is a testament to your growth and mastery.

And in those rare instances when perfection emerges effortlessly, it is easy to be overwhelmed by a sense of disbelief.

All those hours, days, and struggles that preceded that moment seem to make sense.

Planets are aligned.

So when that happens… bask in the pride of your own accomplishment.

Pat-pat on the back.


Art can be brilliance both from ease and effort.

Your ability to create something effortlessly demonstrates a deep understanding of your craft.

It’s also a testament to all the hours and hours of dedication that have never seen the light of Instagram.

Those hours that were just there for you, for your heart and art.


At the same time dedicated effort showcases your resilience and commitment.

Acknowledging and appreciating the nuances of your creative process, you can find comfort in both the simplicity and complexity of your creations.

This blog post is dedicated to the effortless artworks and the ones that demand our unwavering dedication, for each holds its own unique charm and significance in the world of art.

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