Finding Creative Flow Amid Life & Algorithms

February Art Challenge Reflection.

Seems like yesterday I posted a blog post about How I Gained 128k Followers in a Month. I like how Instagram keeps us grounded!!!

Anyway... 29 artworks in 29 days are a lot, and showing up for 29 days straight for your art is a solitary journey, punctuated by moments of joy, frustration, and revelation. 

And this year's February Art Challenge was not just an exploration of of my art and creativity but also a lesson in resilience in the face of digital obscurity, aka Instagram hates me now 😁


Distraction and Digital Shadows

Each colour mixed, was a step forward in my art shadowed by the unpredictable Instagram.

Despite the dedication and the heart poured into each artwork every day, eight of my posts were unjustly lowered in the feed (not sure what happened there, but apparently they were violating community guidelines, and one was also flagged as sexual content 😱), and their visibility went out of the window. Which made it harder for also all the other posts to… shine?!?

I’m not going to say I don’t appreciate the likes, the comments or the followers but this challenge has never been about visibility. I started it 6 years ago when I had a handful of followers, and the core of the project has never shifted, never once.

It was and it is about commitment. The commitment to show up every day, to create, to express, and to honour my creativity, regardless of the algorithm's mood.

My days began early as usual, embracing the quiet moments before the world (and baby A.) awakens, finding my rhythm and strength in the solitude of creation. A pure connection with my art.

This year's challenge, with a lot of exploration of new palettes and gradients, was meditative and relaxing. Somehow it felt simpler than other times.

I felt the need to go bigger with a new kind of paper, and, at the end of the day, I’ve painted my heart out. This connection of colours, these gradients. And it felt right. Even if you didn’t see it.


What’s next?

Reflecting on the last 29 days, I simply can’t ignore that the relationship with my art is so deeply personal, yet dependant on the digital platforms that showcase it (yeah, talking about you Instagram!).

This February Art Challenge, was a real challenge. In keeping my head up even when all I wanted to do was throw my phone out of the window.

Fun fact, I did - accidentally - throw my phone out of the window in 2009. But it was a Nokia 3310 and not only it survived the fall but also the phone call I was on was still going when I went to collect it. Can you imagine doing that now?? 😂

I did not throw my phone out of the window, instead I rolled up my sleeves and kept painting, day after day. And the idea to pursue larger canvases for next year has started tickling my brain.

Going bigger with the intention to deepen my exploration of colour and to find my balance in knowing that art's true value is not in its visibility but in its existence and ability to connect us to something greater.


Embracing the Challenge, Algorithm and All

As I look back on the February Art Challenge, despite the digital hiccups, I am filled with gratitude. Gratitude for the discipline that brought me to create each day, for the community of artists and art lovers who see beyond the feed, and for the deeply profound lessons learned in showing up, day after day, despite everything.

This challenge has reaffirmed my belief in the power of art to transcend, to heal, and to unite. It has shown me that, in the end, what powers us through is the commitment and obsession towards our craft. It’s how you keep showing up and no algorithm can diminish the light we bring into the world through our art.


So, my suggestion to you is: in a world of smartphones, be a Nokia 3310!


Now, if you want to make me really happy, you can make one of the Artworks from the Challenge yours! 🤗

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