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About Elisa

Elisa has been painting abstract all her life.
Born in Italy and currently residing in Ireland, her work is a vibrant amalgamation of her Italian heritage and the lush, diverse landscapes of Ireland.
Elisa's art practice, deeply rooted in her love for abstract and colours, started flourishing in the early 2000s to then take a sharp change in 2016.

Elisa's portfolio showcases a dynamic range of abstract paintings that speak to the soul.
Her signature style is characterised by the use of vivid colours, simple patterns, and a graphic design approach.
Each piece is a testament to her deep-seated passion for exploring the emotional depth and visual possibilities of abstract art.

With a Master's degree in Industrial Design, Elisa has not only honed her skills but also deepened her understanding of design history and contemporary art trends. This education has been pivotal in shaping her artistic sensibility, allowing her to create works that are both personal while being peaceful and harmonious experiences, visually easy to understand.

Elisa is also committed to fostering a supportive community for fellow artists,
offering mentorship and guidance to those looking to navigate the world of art.

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colours & gradients


Art has always been my form of expression as well as a physical need.
I paint gradients, because I’m obsessed with understanding when a colour become itself.

Growing up as a child of early divorce, I often felt like I belonged to two separate worlds.
They used to call me the girl with the suitcase, as I was always on the move.

Now, as an Italian living in Ireland, I sometimes feel like I belong to two separate worlds.
They still call me the girl with the suitcase.
Just now the suitcase is bigger.

Gradients symbolise a connection between two seemingly disparate elements, much like how I strived to bring together the fractured parts of my life.
The gradual transitions of hues speaks to me of the beauty that can emerge from blending and merging different things.

Through art, I discovered a way to make sense of my own experiences and to bring coherence to a world that once felt chaotic and disconnected.

My gradients are for hope and unity, a reminder that even in the midst of loss and change, it is possible to find connections and create something beautiful, something to make you feel in colours.
At home.


Elisa stands for love, equality, honesty, kindness, inclusion and integrity, however, she has zero tolerance for any form of racism, sexism or discrimination. Period.

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