“Your Art is Too Expensive” How to Reframe the Concern and Empower Potential Buyers

Even if there’s a lot to be said about the privileges that comes from not only buying art but also being here with my cup of tea, in the comfort of my home writing this blog post about the art I create.
As well as the privilege of you being here reading these words.

This blog post isn’t going to discuss socio-economical matters, that’s not my focus.

This blog post is focused on how to internalise and answer the “your art is too expensive” sentence artists hear… all the time?


It can be disheartening to hear, especially when you pour your heart and soul into your creations.

However, rather than feeling discouraged, it's important to reframe this concern and find a way to empower potential buyers.


The first part of this blog post is meant to help you reframe that sentence in your own head.

Then, in the second part we will explore some effective ways to respond when someone expresses price concerns, helping you navigate this delicate situation while still valuing your work.



Reframing “Your Art is Too Expensive” in your head

Is some art too expensive? Are some artists charging too much?

Yes but… if someone is going to buy it… then for them it’s not expensive.

You see, it all comes down to possibility and priorities.


Let’s start by saying this: art isn’t essential. It’s something you get when the first layers of basic needs are already fulfilled.

And with that I mean: the moment you set your price, even if you sell your artwork for €1/£1/$1 for some people will be too expensive.

Look, if you make your artwork 1000 some people will be outraged, if you make it 100 some people will complain because it’s not 10, if you make it 10 some people will look at you like “why are you charging me for this”, if you make it 1 some people will complain it’s not free, if you make it free someone might say it’s not exclusive enough.

You can’t make everybody happy, while keeping yourself happy, earning an income and also re-paying your expenses.

Simply impossible.


So, instead of trying to make everybody happy, as well as accepting price feedback from every singe person you meet (not healthy at all, focus on your Money Mindset only!), shift your mind on the idea that, for some people, your art isn’t a priority.

In the same way not all people like your art, not all people can afford it.


Focus on the word “priority” and every time you hear the sentence “that’s too expensive” reframe it in your head as: tit's not their priority, they can’t afford it, the problem isn't my art.

Goes without saying… not in a judgy way :)


Someone might not be able to afford your art now, (maybe something come up / they had some unexpected expenses) but they can in 3 months time, or next year.


The moment you detach yourself from this perceived negativity (being too expensive) you can then easily respond the concern.

Here’s how.



Educate and Communicate

When someone says they can't afford your art, it may be because they are not aware of the value behind your creations.
Take this as an opportunity to educate them about your process, time and effort invested, and the quality of the materials you used. Share your passion and the story behind each piece.
By communicating the value and meaning in your art, you may help them realise that your prices are justified.



Offer Flexible Payment Options

Consider providing flexible payment plans that break down the cost into smaller instalments. This could make your art more accessible to potential buyers.
By offering this flexibility, you show your willingness to work with them and allow them to own a piece of your art.

Payment Plans can be handled very easily with PayPal or via your website.



Consider Prints

If the original artwork is out of reach for some buyers, consider creating prints.
Prints offer an affordable alternative without compromising the uniqueness and beauty of your art, allowing a wider audience to appreciate and collect your work, ultimately expanding your reach.



Smaller Artworks

Very often times the size of an artwork affects its price.

If you work on larger pieces, maybe try creating smaller artworks that are more budget-friendly.

By diversifying your offerings in terms of size, you cater to a wider range of buyers, including those with a smaller budge, while still maintaining the integrity of your creative vision.



Your art is a representation of your passion, creativity, time and dedication. While not everyone may be able to afford it, there are always ways to connect with your audience and share the beauty of your creations.

And at the end of the day, you just need one person to say yes to your artwork. Their opinion, alongside yours, is the only one that truly matters!





Copy, Paste & Edit :)

I asked ChatGPT how to answer the “you are too expensive” concern.

This was the answer.
It’s very long, maybe it could work in an email.

But if you need some inspiration, or to read it out loud before you showcase your artworks at the next art show…

Do with it whatever you want!!


"Thank you for sharing your perspective. I understand that art pricing can sometimes be subjective, and it's essential to consider various factors when determining the value of a piece. Let me take a moment to explain why I price my art the way I do.

Each artwork I create is a culmination of countless hours, years of practice, and a deep commitment to my craft. I pour my heart and soul into every brushstroke, striving to evoke emotions and create something truly unique. Beyond the materials used, my art carries a story, a piece of my artistic journey that I share with the world.

Additionally, when determining the price, I consider the investment I've made in honing my skills and expertise as an artist. This includes years of training, ongoing education, and the costs associated with running an art business.

By investing in one of my pieces, you're not only acquiring a beautiful artwork but also becoming a part of the story and passion behind it. Art has the power to transform spaces, evoke emotions, and enrich lives, and I believe that the value it brings is immeasurable.

I understand that everyone has different budget considerations, and I respect that. If my current works don't fit within your budget, I invite you to explore other options such as prints or smaller pieces that may be more affordable while still capturing the essence of my artistic style.

Thank you for considering my artwork, and I appreciate your support and understanding of the value I place on each piece I create."


You can do this! 


And if you want to explore more How to Price your art, then I have a mini course for you here.


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