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Article: Creative Mindset: A Guide to Cultivating and Nurturing Creativity

Creative Mindset: A Guide to Cultivating and Nurturing Creativity

Creative Mindset: A Guide to Cultivating and Nurturing Creativity

I know you are busy and life pulls you in all the directions. Maybe you’re there reading about AI, wondering if, in the end, we’ll survive the machines.

And let me say this: remove what’s not important and focus on what you can do to save humanity. :D

Too much? Well… let’s just think about your creativity (and how it can save humanity).


I am a creative person. I have always been, and I guess, I’ll always be.
It’s who and how I am, it’s how I have decided not only to lead my life, but also to save humanity, in my own way.

Let me tell you how.

As an artist, looking to infuse more innovation into your daily life, cultivating a creative mindset can be the transformative journey you need to become more… you.

And ultimately, the world benefits of you being your true self, because it often leads to more authentic and genuine connections with others.

It means honouring your values, passions, and interests.

Embracing your diversity of ideas and viewpoints in the world, potentially becoming a role model (and demonstrating the courage to be yourself), you can create a ripple effect that encourages others to embrace their own authenticity.

Sounds like a lot, and it is, but in a good way!

Don’t worry, this blog post isn’t all philosophical, I have some practical strategies for you to explore and to help you shift your mindset to tap into your creative potential and foster a more imaginative and innovative approach to life.

Which is, in the end, what will make you happy and a fulfilled human.



Embrace Curiosity

Curiosity is the gateway to creativity. Approach the world with an open mind, ask questions, and challenge assumptions. Nurture your childlike sense of wonder by exploring new ideas, experiences, and perspectives. Seek out diverse sources of inspiration, whether it's through books, art, nature, or engaging with different cultures. Curiosity broadens your horizons, fuels your imagination, and paves the way for innovative thinking.

My favourite questions to ask are: how was this made? How how does this work?

These questions force my brain into a different perspective, and sometimes lead to beautiful conversations with others.



Create Space for Reflection

Allow yourself time for reflection, free from distractions. Engage in activities like meditation, journaling, or long walks in nature to create mental space for ideas to emerge. Embracing solitude and silence can help you connect the dots, gain clarity, and generate fresh insights.

I have tried meditation and sometimes I feel I can commit to it, other times I just can’t. But for me, walking - or running - is where my brain goes wild.



Failure is a Learning Opportunity

Now, I hate when someone says “learning opportunity” instead of “this sucked” :D
Because there are moments where you just want to sit in the middle of the room, with your ugly canvas and cry at how bad you are.
But you are not bad, you are just having a bad moment, and I believe in giving these moments time to exist. Briefly.

After 3 minutes, pick yourself up, make an amazing cup of tea and start again.

3 minutes of “this sucks” and then let the learning opportunity kick in!

Fear of failure often stifles creativity. However, true innovation comes from trial and error. Failure is indeed a valuable learning experience, and it’s important to know how to reframe it as a stepping stone toward growth and improvement.

Celebrate your efforts, even if they don't always yield the desired outcome. Each failure brings you closer to success by refining your understanding and expanding your creative repertoire.



Growth Mindset

Creative abilities can be developed and improved over time.

One of the things I hate about social media is the fact that there’s little visibility of the amount of hours and hours and years it takes to learn how to create something truly stunning.

Forget social media and embrace challenges, persist through setbacks, be stubborn and embrace the process of learning.

Obstacles are opportunities for growth, and if you approach them with determination and resilience you’ll see improvements!

A growth mindset empowers you to push boundaries, take risks, and unlock your creative potential.

For example, you today see me with my fineliner, creating happy lines and all… but you haven’t sat down with me for 2 weeks, at the very beginning, with shaky lines and sore hands.



Supportive Environment

Surround yourself with who supports and inspire your creativity. Collaborate with others, reach out to other artists on social media, ask them questions, and seek feedback for your own creations.

Create your own space where ideas can be freely shared without fear of judgment. When you have a supportive environment, you'll enhance your creative output and inspire those around you.



Playfulness and Experimentation

Play is an integral part of the creative process.

One of my favourite things to do in the studio is to mix colours, just sitting on my stool and mixing colours.

Let go of self-consciousness and allow yourself to make mistakes. Just play for the fun of it, because, sometimes, the most remarkable breakthroughs occur through playful exploration.



Embrace Constraints

Paradoxically, constraints can help your creativity.

Rather than viewing limitations as roadblocks, see them as catalysts for innovation. For example, your drawing station doesn’t get much natural light? Do a painting session at candle light. Or you only have 2 colours? Show me what you can do with those!

Embracing constraints forces you to think outside the box, find unconventional solutions, and make the most of your resources.

Instead of being overwhelmed by endless possibilities, focus your energy on making the most impactful choices with what you have.



Cultivating your creativity is an ongoing journey that requires intention and practice. As well as willingness to embrace the unknown.

But I’m 100% sure that you can unlock the doors to your imagination and unleash all your creative potential if you put your creative mind to it.


As you embark on this creative adventure, remember that your unique perspective has the power to shape and transform the world.
So that we won’t be all doomed :D

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