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Article: The online tools I use to run my art business

The online tools I use to run my art business

The online tools I use to run my art business

In the gazillion of online options available out there to run your (art) business, I have selected few that help me run things smoothly also while I’m away.

And the best thing is that all of them are all connected with each other and most of these applications are also available on my phone so I can always know what’s going on.

One thing I’ll say before you start panicking: you don’t need everything, as the way you decide to run your business might be different than mine, and you also don’t need everything at once.

Some of these tools won’t make sense for you and your art business, but I wanted to list them up anyway.

And if you have questions on any of these apps/tools, feel free to email me at



My website is set up on Shopify

I have done a lot of research on e-commerce platforms before I set up my own art website. And I also have been working in e-commerce for 8 years, so I was quite ... demanding with my choice 😁
I wanted to get something not only reliable but also that has a lot of integrations with other tools.

In a nutshell, I think Shopify is one of the best platforms out there when it comes to selling online.
It has plenty of functionalities already integrated and you can quite easily plug in a ton of different apps for very specific use cases.
I find their customer service great and they have plenty of documentation about almost anything you can possibly need.

I use the Shopify app quite a lot, and overall I’m really happy with the way it’s set up.

I have also recently added Shopify Inbox, and I have the app on my phone. So if you go on my website and you message me, I immediately get a notification and I can answer to you straight away.



Email marketing is with Convertkit

Every time you sign up on my website for a freebie or you subscribe to my newsletter, all the info then go to Convertkit.

Convertkit is also integrated with my website on Shopify.

Marketing tools (like Mailchimp or Hubspot) allow you to segment your subscribers so you can them email them relevant information based on their interests and/or location.

You can also set up automated emails to be sent based on a product that is purchased. So for example, if you purchase one of my online classes, you get an automated email with info about the class and how to access it. All of that was set up in Convertkit.

Between all the online tools I use, I’d say… the ones that need more work (set up, integrations and general usage) are marketing tools, there’s definitively a learning curve, but there are plenty of tutorials available, you can do this!!



My online courses are set up on Thinkific

Thinkific does have an integration with Shopify as well, so if you purchase one of my courses, then you get access to Thinkific.

Online course websites tend to be pretty straight forward.

You can create your course, and inside you create chapters and lessons.

I have recorded all the lessons with my iPhone, in the same way I record all my videos (more details here) and then edited with iMovie.




First of all, always always always make it easy for people to give you money.
Like stupidly easy!! Which means…



I use PayPal not only as a payment option on my Shopify website but also to manage payment plans.

Make sure you activate the business app, as it gives you a lot more functionalities - it’s free anyway!


Shopify payments are connected to my bank.
And you can define how often you get paid, daily, weekly or monthly.


For art shows

I have an Air SumUp Card reader. And that is connected to my phone or tablet via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Honestly transactions are super easy!

Shopify has a card reader too, I just didn’t know when I got my SumUp, probably would make more sense to have the Shopify one but at the moment I don’t see any reason to change.


Tap card

After my art show, last year, I purchased a V1ce Card.

The idea is that, at a simple tap on your phone, this card opens up a link in your phone.
I haven’t used it at events yet, but my goal is to facilitate the newsletter sign up when I see people are interested in what I do. For other businesses it could be to give you access to a product to purchase while you chat. Or it could also serve you as a virtual business card, plenty of options.
Once I use it, I’ll update this section and let you know how it went. But the idea seems promising!



Photo and video

I do a lot of my image editing in Photoshop.
Good alternative is the Canva app on your phone if you need to create images with text, they offer plenty of templates even in the free version as well.

For batch editing (improve contrast and brightness) I suggest the app: A Colour Story.



Inshot to edit videos for Instagram

more info here



iMovie to edit online courses and YouTube videos

I have used Adobe Premier in the past but for the basic editing I’m doing at the moment, I don’t find it necessary. Might switch to that in the future if video editing was to become more relevant for me.



If my house is a mess - most likely - and I need to take pictures of big canvases on a wall, I use

You upload your artwork, define size and voila’… you have your artwork on a beautiful clean wall.




This doesn’t need a description, but while my Instagram account is connected to Facebook, Instagram is the only Social app I have on my phone.
I like to keep it simple (and not too addictive!).



Google Sheets

They say that when you’re the only person managing your business you save a lot of info in Google Sheets. That is pretty accurate. And I think it’s because: it’s free, it does everything well and you have all the info you need in one place.
Yes, yes and yes.
I have 1 spreadsheet with expenses, budget, goals, ideas and much more.

And I have the app on my phone so I can easily update thing while on the go.



I write my blog posts in the app note.

First of all the Blog editor in Shopify isn’t the best, but the main reason for sticking to the Notes app is that all my apps and devices are connected and backed up on the Cloud, so I can start a blog post on my my desktop and then take it on my phone.
I do have a lot of ideas usually when I walk and run, so having the notes app available then make it easier to pick up on my desktop where I left off.



Gelato for Prints

While I haven’t publicly announced the launch of Prints, I have set the whole thing up with Gelato.
Gelato is connected to Shopify, so you can purchase a print as you’d normally anything else on my website, but then Gelato manages and processes the order, print and shipping to clients.



While there are certain things you’ll have to manage from an actual computer, the majority of the things up here are accessible via apps too, which makes it very easy.

You might not need everything, or some of these tools, and definitively you shouldn’t feel like you have to try them all. But if this blog post helps even just one of you to set up your business… then I’m happy and it was all worth it!

Take your time and explore what works for you, your life and your art and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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