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Article: Focus and Privacy: Why My Instagram is Solely for Art

Focus and Privacy: Why My Instagram is Solely for Art

Focus and Privacy: Why My Instagram is Solely for Art

This blog post is dedicated to my Ozzie. My first kitten, forever my weirdo.

Welcome to my Instagram account. This is me painting. This is one of my paintings. This is something else I’ve painted. Did I tell you about my online courses for artists? Oh, look, a kitten!

Hi, my name is Elisa, I’m an abstract artist and that’s all I post about.


In this digital world, the lines between personal and professional spaces often blur.

On Instagram, a single profile could potentially show you a lot of identities, interests, and roles.

That’s not me. Not even in real life. My decision to dedicate my Instagram account solely to my art, with an occasional feline cameo, stems from a conscientious perspective that values focus, privacy, and the protection of everything that isn’t art related.



The Value of Focus

First and foremost, keeping my Instagram strictly about my art establishes a brand identity. I’m here to talk about art. Period.

Followers visiting my profile know exactly what to expect – a consistent stream of my artistic creations. 

This focus helps cultivate a community of artists and fellow creators, fostering meaningful engagements and enriching exchanges around a shared passion: art.

For every image/reel I post, I want you know know it's me.
The artwork becomes the highlight, undisturbed by unrelated posts. This approach allows my art to speak for itself and my style to evolve without distraction. Yours or mine.




A Safe Haven for Privacy

Privacy is priceless. While social media invites us to share our lives with the world, it is equally crucial to consider what we choose to keep private, especially when it involves people that aren't us... that's why I don't post about my family life, or my baby.

I believe children shouldn't be online. At all. Not only as "consumers" but also as protagonists in pictures and videos. 
You never (really never) know where those images might end up. 
I think it's essential to protect children's privacy and give them the autonomy to choose their digital footprint when they are mature enough to do so.

By limiting my Instagram posts to my art, I consciously shield my family and personal life from public view, securing a safe haven of privacy. 

This is me. You do you. No judgment. 



When Cats Sneak In

Now, you may wonder why I make an exception for my cats. Those fluffy things...

Well, cats add a dash of personality and whimsy without revealing intimate details about my personal life.
They provide a touch of relatability and allow me to express a bit of myself and life, without crossing any privacy boundaries.

Also, one of them - Billie - is my shadow. So it's very hard not to have them around.

Sharing images or anecdotes about my fluffy friends adds another layer of connection with my followers, especially those who are fellow cat enthusiasts. 




Keeping my Instagram focused on my art is a choice that allows me to share my passion without sacrificing privacy or loosing focus. It provides clarity to my followers, ensures a safe and respectful space for my loved ones, and maintains an account that is both professional and personal in the right measures.

Social media offers countless opportunities to connect and share. However, it's essential to remember that what we choose not to share is just as important as what we do. And that's why my Instagram account will continue to be a haven for art, creativity, the occasional cat picture, and nothing more.

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