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Article: Discovering Your Art Style

Discovering Your Art Style

Discovering Your Art Style

While you create, you still feel like you like different things. You feel pulled in many directions. And then you go online and you follow artists online, everyone deep into their own style. So, how do I get there? 

Translating you internal universe onto a canvas can be confusing, especially when it comes to defining and choosing your art style.

The good news is that if you're grappling with questions like "How do I find my perfect art style?" or "What should I make art about?", you're not alone.

Every artist goes trough these questions. Even established artists and the ones you follow online, they all have been staring at their own canvas, at a certain moment in time wondering how their style was evolving. 

While these thoughts might leave you with a sense of unease, they are also a new and exciting chapter in this journey of self-discovery. A pivotal part of every artist's path. Trust me, you are not alone.



Finding Your Perfect Art Style

Finding your perfect art style is less about hunting for a predetermined category and more about self-discovery and personal expression.

Ok, art talk, what does this mean?
Your art style should be a reflection of your unique perspective and creative voice. A collection of who you are and your experiences.

Here are a few steps to guide you on this journey:

Research: What style, artworks, artists are you drawn to? Who do you follow on social media? 
Create a folder on your phone or on Pinterest, and add 40/50 images of art you like.

Refine: Once that's done, look at them all and find commonalities. Look up for colour palettes, for shapes, for elements you like, for style and emotions. 

Experiment: Don't limit yourself to one medium, technique, or subject. Experimentation is key to discovery. Try out different materials, play with colours, and explore various subjects until you find what resonates with you.

Reflect: What kind of art do you admire? In the selection of 50 images you've put together before, what pieces or styles evoke an emotional response in you? Reflecting on these questions can provide valuable insights into your artistic preferences.

Practice: Do not trust the internet. Artistic skills, like any other, are honed over time and with consistent practice. I spent almost a month (10mins a day) off camera, learning how to create lines with the fineliner. Regularly creating art not only improves your technique but also allows you to develop and refine your style.
And your confidence in it.

Evolve: Remember, your style will evolve as you grow and change as an artist. Stay open to this evolution and allow your style to reflect your journey of discovery.


One way to ease this process is to utilise resources designed to guide you in this journey of self-discovery. For instance, the Mini Course on How to Find Your Art Style offers a comprehensive guide on unlocking your unique art style. It's a self-paced course filled with practical tips to grow your skills and find the confidence to express your artistic self.



Exploring Different Art Styles

To find an art style that truly resonates with you, it's essential to explore the vast spectrum of art styles that exist. The key is that the more you know about art, the more you can draw from it. Here's how:

Study Art History: Understanding different art movements and styles from various historical periods can give you a broad perspective and inspire your own style.
No need to spend years on this (even if it was always my dream to get a second degree in Art History!), just find a book or two and read away.

Visit Galleries and Museums: Immersing yourself in diverse artworks can spark ideas and influence your creative approach.
Going to museums was one of my favourite things when I was younger!

Browse Online Art Platforms: Websites and social media platforms dedicated to art are there for your inspiration. This is the best way to get exposure to contemporary styles and trends in the art world.

Attend Art Workshops or Classes: This can offer hands-on experience in different styles and techniques, allowing you to experiment under the guidance of experienced artists.



Deciding What to Make Art About

Art, at its core, is a form of communication. It's about expressing who you are, your thoughts, emotions, ideas, or words you can't express in any other way.
To decide what to make art about, you might want to consider the following:

Passions and Interests: What are you passionate about? It could be nature, social issues, personal experiences, or abstract concepts like emotions or dreams.
These passions can fuel your art and make it more meaningful and authentic.

Inspiration: Look for inspiration around you. It could be in the form of a captivating story you remember from your childhood, an intriguing person you met on the train, or a breathtaking landscape.

Messages: Consider what message or emotion you wish to convey through your art. This can guide your choice of subject matter and style.
I believe people are a mix of all the experiences that happened to us, we are also the people we meet. Experiences and people become us, who we are. 
So, who are you? What are the experiences that shaped you, who are the people that made you, you?


Resources like the Mini Course on How to Find Your Art Style can help you go deeper into understanding your artistic 'why', assisting you in deciding what to make your art about.



The Easiest Art Style to Learn

If you're new here in the art world, first of all... Hi, welcome! It's awesome in here!
I wanted to give you entry point sort of speak.

Now, "easiest" art style is very subjective as it largely depends on your interests, skills, and natural inclinations.
However, for beginners looking for a starting point, styles that focus more on creativity and less on strict rules might be more approachable.

Cartooning or Doodling: These styles allow a lot of room for creativity and personal expression without the pressure of creating realistic representations.

Abstract Art: This style emphasises colours, shapes, and forms over realistic portrayals, allowing you to freely express your feelings and ideas.

Line Drawing: This style focuses on simple lines to create forms and shapes. It's a good starting point to understand the basics of form and structure.


Discovering and choosing your art style is truly a journey and while it might seem scary at first, it's a fun game, I promise!

It's a continuous process of exploration, reflection, and evolution. Your style is a reflection of your unique voice and history as an artist.
So, embrace this beautiful journey, and let your art style unfold naturally as you grow in your artistic pursuits, day by day.

Happy creating!

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