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The Life We Share - [Charity Donation]

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Acrylic on Deep Edge Canvas - 70x90cm / 27.5x35.5in



I’m a firm believer we are the people we meet. We spend time - sometimes very briefly, some other times a life - with others and parts of us change, evolve, become them.
We are shaped by their lives, words, feelings, choices. We are all connected.

And every life is a unique composition of moments, thoughts, and emotions that shape and colour the fabric of existence.
Each interaction, each bond, each heartbreak paints a new layer on the canvas of our lives.

My newest painting is a tribute to one such precious life - a life that was vibrancy and depth, yet was tragically lost too soon to suicide.

In July 2022, as my heart swelled with joy at the birth of baby A., another part of it crumbled.

A., the closest I ever got to having a sister, decided to fly away from this earth.

Her premature departure has left an indelible mark.


This painting is my ode to her life. An ode to her light and the family we shared.
A testament to the hopes she cherished, the love she embodied, and the words that shaped us. They have become me, us.

As I bring baby A. into this world, I look forward to sharing these memories. My child will know of you.


I present this painting not only as a homage to a life that was but also as a celebration of life that continues. It's a visual poem of love, loss, and remembrance that resonates with a promise - a promise to keep her spirit alive, to spread awareness about the magnitude of mental health, and to provide support to those grappling with their inner demons.

Please reach out to someone. Please.


To further this cause, all the proceeds from the sale of the original artwork and future prints will be donated to a Charity of your choosing.

With the hope to providing emotional support to those struggling with feelings of despair, loneliness, or suicidal thoughts, providing hope and compassion in their times of distress.

I invite you to embrace the beauty of life and to live to the fullest. We all came here with a sense of awe and wonder.
Let's celebrate each voice, and their silence too.
We are all connected, we all shares the same canvas.

Stories need to be told, cherished, and remembered.


For A.
With all the love,

The Life We Share - [Charity Donation]
The Life We Share - [Charity Donation] Sale price€1.500,00