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Online Course - How to create reels

Sale price€36,00

This course is tailor-made for artists eager to amplify their visibility and charm their viewers with beautiful reels.

Dive into the world of successful artist reels, learning the art of consistency and personal branding. Starting by unfolding the stories behind impactful reels, setting a foundation for your reel-creation journey.

Planning is pivotal. I'll guide you through identifying your target audience, embracing a storytelling style that resonates, and brainstorming reel ideas that capture the essence of your art. Learn to keep your content short, bright, close, and undeniably artsy.

From selecting the right equipment to understanding the nuances of video editing apps, we cover it all.

This course doesn't just teach; it inspires and encourages you to start creating reels that truly showcase your art.



The course is self paced, and you can access it as many times as you want.

As this is an Online Course, no refunds will be issued. 

Online Course - How to create reels
Online Course - How to create reels Sale price€36,00