Elisacapitanio.com is an e-commerce shop, an online education platform and a happy place for creative exchange.


All the content that Elisa Capitanio creates is done with the intent to inspire you to live a creative life, regardless of the language you speak, who you love, vote and/or pray for.


Elisa stands for love, equality, honesty, kindness, inclusion and integrity, however, she has zero tolerance for any form of racism, sexism or discrimination. Period.


Elisa is a firm believer in sharing her creative knowledge. 
She is honest and transparent in her personal and professional life. And while she reserves the right to own personal privacy, she's dedicated to the full disclosure of her professional life. 
That's why she offers Price Transparency & why she blogs about Creativity and her Art Business.


She's dedicated to continually investing in improving herself, and will remain accountable for her shortcomings or mistakes. Elisa will hold herself accountable for any action that she's morally responsible for. And she will ask you for the same.


Any partnership and collaboration that do not uphold this code of ethics are subject to revision and immediate termination.

Thank you for carefully reviewing the Elisa Capitanio's code of Ethics. If you have any questions, please get in touch by filling out the form below.


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