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Discover How to Create Vibrant Abstract Art with Sponges

Reconnect with your Creative Spark Today!

(And use it to create gorgeous artworks over and over again!)

What if you could create a gorgeous, original & relaxing abstract artwork with confidence in just a few days?

Create Beautiful Abstract Art With Sponges + Bonuses
Create Beautiful Abstract Art With Sponges + Bonuses

Create Beautiful Abstract Art With Sponges + Bonuses

Enroll NOW to get the course at €47 + Bonuses!!

Or, let me rephrase that...

What if in a few days you could hang a gorgeous painting on your wall, a big canvas that resonates with who you are and your deep love for colours?

What if, even if you never held a brush in your whole life, you could confidently create a relaxing artwork for "that" wall - you know the one...

Or maybe you forgot what the art process is all about, and you need to reconnect with your creative self, taking time for yourself from your busy routine... 

If you want to learn how to create a beautiful artwork for yourself,
then keep reading... 


What you'll learn

In this course, you'll learn you how to create beautiful artworks with all sort of sponges.
From the tools you need, blending techniques, to the tricks to get the best out of your artwork!

Whether you want to use sponges only as a background or to make them your stunning artwork, we'll start small and deep dive on how to create gradients, how to bring in natural elements into your composition, and then we'll explore the magics behind the creation of a big canvas.

How you can enrich your creation with gold, ink and markers.

The sponge is your oyster.

Are you ready to create beautiful abstract art in the most unique way?


Create Beautiful Abstract Art With Sponges

Discover How to Create Vibrant Abstract Art with Sponges
& Reconnect with your Creative Spark Today!

Self-Paced with Lifetime Access.
Check out the full course overview here below.

Course Details

What's included in the Course 

24/7 Instant and Lifetime access to self study material
3 Course Modules - Self paces video lessons, learn anytime from the comfort of your home with Access to your instructor to ask questions right inside the online classroom
Step by Step training on materials, techniques and approaches (value €370)
Layering Technique  (value €197) 
Sponge Pattern Demonstration
(value €47) 
Colour Theory training (value €97)
Painting Demonstrations (value €187)
Stay Confident when Creating Line work (value €167)

Bonus 1 - 20 minutes private online consultation with your instructor
(value €97)
Bonus 2 - How to Create Line Work (value €197)

Total Value = €1359

Usually Priced €97

Enroll NOW to get the course at €47 + Bonuses!!

Start from what you have...





How will this course help you?

The million dollar question…how will "Create Beautiful Abstract Art with Sponges" make YOU a better artist?

Simple. I will teach you everything I know about sponges, and by the time we are done you will emerge a sponge ninja, equipped to take on a big artwork, or maybe also a big wall!
You’ll instantly be able to create higher quality paintings which in turn will help you become more confident and become better at your craft.

The Magic of Sponges

The course is available for anyone. Whether you have painted before or you are simply looking for something different to do.

Inside the course I'll answer how I manage to make my paintings look so deep and natural, and how colours stay so vibrant with sponges...
I'm so excited to share all of this with you!

What Sponge Lovers Say About the Course

"Comprehensive and well-planned course. The eLearning platform is seamless and easy. Elisa explains the process thoroughly, includes tips and hacks, details of the tools as well as how to care for sponges. Elisa’s clear voice and the process video is excellent! I love this course and highly recommend it."

Haneeta - Putrajaya, malaysia

"Elisa is super inspirational and knew exactly what I needed to reconnect with myself and my own creativity. So many info packed in this course. Thank you!"

Veronica - Dublin, Ireland

"Elisa, this was great!
I started this course not having much experience with acrylics and painting in general, so it has helped me a lot to gain confidence with the medium."

Giulia - Milan, Italy

"A very well planned out and useful course, which makes implementing new ideas easy. Thoroughly enjoyed the modules, learned lots of new things & Elisa is highly knowledgeable and passionate about her work. Very high-value for money, I highly recommend it."

Daniel - Dublin, Ireland


I'm here for you!

In the course I'm providing all the info you need to set yourself up for some amazing artworks, however, you might have a very specific question. Check the FAQs at the bottom of this page, or email me at info@elisacapitanio.com and I'll be happy to get back to you.

Payment Plans?

I'm happy to offer payment plans up to 3 months!!
If you would like to take advantage of this, please write me an email at info@elisacapitanio.com

Create Beautiful Abstract Art With Sponges + Bonuses
Create Beautiful Abstract Art With Sponges + Bonuses

Create Beautiful Abstract Art With Sponges + Bonuses

Get in touch with your creativity now!

About Your Instructor

Hi, my name is Elisa, I'm an Italian Abstract Artist living in Ireland.

From the moment I open my eyes in the morning (but often at night too) all I think about is to create and to make Art.

I'm deeply passionate about colours, *obsessed* with gradients and how two colours become one.

I have a Master Degree in Industrial Design & work full time as Lead Product Designer, so it's pretty safe to safe creativity constantly runs in my veins... :)

I've painted all my life, with loads of different mediums, and when I realised the internet was lacking a great course on how to use sponges, I made of sponges my mission and decided to create a course myself.