Somewhere Over the Rainbow - 06.02.2023


Acrylic on Paper 40x50cm / 16x20in

Somewhere Over the Rainbow • 06/02/2023
You wouldn’t think rainbow 🌈 by looking at this artwork, but the reality is that it reminds me of an unbelievably beautiful trip to Iceland, where we’ve seen all the colours and fell in love with a magical land. Simplicity and depth. And gold.


As an artist, embracing the idea that a painting can transform and evolve into something new while still remaining true to itself is equally scary and liberating.

Paintings, like this artwork from the February Art Challenge, possess the capacity to grow, change, and transcend their original form.

When a painting is created, it carries the essence of the artist's intentions, emotions, and creative energy. It captures a moment in time, encapsulating a unique expression. But then, as time passes, the artist's perspective may shift, experiences tend to accumulate, and new inspirations emerge.

Some artworks are created in the blink of a an eye and already carry a perfect balance and perfection. While others take years to become themselves.

Accepting that a painting can become something else does not diminish its original essence or invalidate the your intentions and an artist.

Rather, it opens up a world of possibilities for reinterpretation and reinvention.

In this process of evolution, I feel like an artist can engage in a dialogue with their own creation, respecting its qualities while embracing the potential for growth and change.

There’s freedom in knowing that a painting can evolve into a new artwork while remaining true to your original vision, allowing creativity to blossom and grow.

This is how “Balck Sand Beach” become “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

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