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Longing For Lullabies - Framed

Sale price€1.700,00

Acrylic on Deep Edge Canvas
70x100cm / 27.5x39.5in
Framed - 78x108cm


Immersed in the surreal landscapes and dreamlike narratives reminiscent of Mœbius, this canvas brings you into a realm where fantasy and reality intertwine.

Crafted meticulously with sponge strokes, each gradient and hue unfolds a story of yearning, a deep-seated desire for the comforting lullabies of our past, the melodies that once soothed our restless souls.

The vast spectrum of colours, ranging from the soft pastels to the vivid bursts of pink encapsulates the diverse emotions associated with nostalgia and longing.

And yet, amid this vast expanse of memory and imagination, the pristine white frame serves as a grounding element, drawing the artwork closer to the viewer, making the ethereal tangible and the distant memories palpable.

It's a visual symphony of desire, dream, and the timeless pursuit of solace in familiar tunes.



I'm happy to offer payment plans up to 6 months for Artworks on Canvas!!

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