Hearts That Pound Like Yours - Framed


Acrylic on Deep Edge Canvas
70x100cm / 27x39in
Framed - 78x108cm / 30x42


In this evocative piece, the timeless expanse of the universe is brought to intimate proximity, painted with delicate sponge strokes that mimic the rhythms of countless hearts across time and space. Each dab is a star, and a galaxy.

The vast spectrum of colours, from the deepest blues of the void to the pinks of faraway stars, reflects the myriad emotions and experiences that resonate within every heart.
Just as the universe is vast and mysterious, so too are the depths of our emotions, our desires, and our connections with one another. Through this canvas, you'll be reminded that despite the cosmic vastness, there exists a universal heartbeat, a shared rhythm, and a sentiment that transcends distances: there are hearts, somewhere out there, that pound just like yours.

Whether you see Ireland or a gash in the clouds, this canvas welcomes you to come close. 


So that you can create a connection with hearts that pound like yours.


I'm happy to offer payment plans up to 6 months for Artworks on Canvas!!

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