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The Creative WorkArt 14 Day Programme

The Creative WorkArt 14 Day Programme

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Keep working on your creativity, for the next 14 Days, in this continuation of the 7 Day Programme.

A ton of information waiting for you on the inside as well as loads of actionable tips!

I can see in your eyes, you have the creative spark! 
Maybe you want to work on a big ambitious project and get lost in the details, or maybe you want to do something every day, because that's your call.

This is so important for you, otherwise you wouldn't be here.


In the course, I'll teach you how to...

- Find focus in your art practice and come back to it, day after day
- Forgive yourself when you're busy
- Love the small details of your art projects
- Let go of what's holding you back


Over the next 14 days, you'll discover what your creativity is capable of, and I'm so so so excited for you!