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In the blog you'll find all the "how to", tools and materials I use in my studio + loads of inspiration!

Watercolour and Pen

Mini Course
Watercolour & Pen Relaxing Art

Do you ever need to relax and simply doodle without thinking too much? Yes? Then this is for you!

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The Secret to Sponge Painting

Get tips and tricks on how to start creating beautiful and rich artworks with sponges, straight to your inbox!

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FREE 7 Day Programme
The Creative WorkArt

Have you ever wondered how you can get more out of your creativity? How to get more inspiration? More ideas? 

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Create Beautiful Abstract Art With Sponges

Start creating now your beautiful and relaxing canvas!

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Online Course
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Create Your Acrylic Pouring Art Canvas

All you need is acrylic paint, water, one canvas and a hair dryer!

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FREE VIDEO - 7 Tips to Become More Creative

7 super helpful tips to start leading a creative life now!
In this video you can find 7 tips to help you finding your own creativity and how to treasure it.

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FREE PDF - Framing Guide

Get the Free guide and never feel stressed about framing your artwork ever again!

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1:1 Art Consultation

I'm offering spots to work 1-on-1 with me and talk about your website, building your email list, what are the platform you can use to run your business, and anything else you'd like to ask me.

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1-on-1 Art Consultation