Buying art is how you express your own creativity

We all want our homes to look beautiful and feel inviting. We want our living spaces to reflect our personalities and make our guests feel comfortable. Art does all of that and more.

Original artwork brings life into a room. It makes a space more human. More yours.

There are plenty of ways to express your own creativity. And a million of other ways to style your home to reflect who you really are.


Don't you love those stunning Instagram accounts where beautiful interiors are impeccably styled? If you are anything like me, you probably follow some of them on Instagram and have a Pinterest obsession too!!

But the reality is that one of the keys to happy living is feeling like yourself in the space you call home. 

And - even if we wish - we don't live in those picture perfect interiors. We don't live in an hotel room where everything is perfect and impersonal.

Your own style combined with your creativity can completely transform the space you live in, it can make you feel at home, from picture perfect neutral Instagram shots to "I live here and this is who I am!"


Art is a powerful form of expression.

It can be used to communicate things that cannot be said with words. Art can tell a story, and when you display a piece that you love, it can say volumes about your personality and what you value in life.

It is also the perfect way to forge deeper connections with others, as it's a great conversation starter.

So in a way, we can say that art has a way of expanding our horizons and helping us to grow.

When there's a powerful/emotional connection to a piece of art then it goes beyond being merely decorative, it can challenge us intellectually, confront the preexisting ideas we may hold, and even make us uncomfortable.

But by leaning into these feelings, we push ourselves to think more openly, to challenge ourselves, and to see the world from a different viewpoint. 


Art is often seen as a way for us to validate and recognise our emotions.

When we look at a piece of art, it can evoke powerful emotions - whether it’s a memory or a feeling. Art can cheer us up after a bad day, make us remember, or inspire us to do more in life.

It can provide comfort that we are not the only ones feeling a certain way. Art provides a reflection back that enables us to chew on our own reactions, emotion, and thoughts. 


We fall in love with a particular artwork because of the feelings it evokes. The reminder of a landscape we love, a starry night sky, a shapeless emotion.

Art is one of the best ways to make a house feel like a home. It can show off your interests and ideals to visitors, and it makes a room appear finished. Plus, from a functional design standpoint, art acts as a focal point.


Creativity, in your home, comes trough the colour you choose for your wall, as well as all the items that spark joy and emotions. 


But how do you choose the right artwork for your space? You can find 5 tips to help you out in this blog post. Enjoy!


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