Blending Art, Parenthood and 9-5 Jobs in Pursuit of My True Calling

The journey as an artist in business has been a path paved with a lot of ugly cries, revelations, wine, challenges, and ultimately, profound self-discovery.

As I stand here today, looking back at the roller-coaster behind me, I'm struck by the evolution of my understanding of not just my art, but also who it is for. And this journey has not been about finding my audience - even though that’s extremely important - but really discovering my identity within the art world.


Who is My Ideal Client?

In the initial stages of my art biz, understanding who my ideal client was difficult, very difficult.

I’ve always created, first and foremost, for myself, because I have to, it’s a physical need, for the sheer joy and fulfilment of the act of creating, seeing colours come to life on the canvas. Colour has always been my language.

Yet, as I ventured further into Instagram and the idea of sharing my art, the realisation was clear: creating art for myself can coexist with creating art for others. The challenge was in pinpointing who these 'others' were.



In an attempt to bridge this gap, eager to understand more, I turned towards education.
I’ve signed up for as many courses I could, to understand the business side of things.

And at the same time I started creating art courses and stepping into the role of a teacher.

I’d say we can call this this phase “exploration and experimentation”.

The thing is, you see a lot of artists creating courses on their specific style of painting, so I thought that must be the way…

However, it soon became evident that while teaching brought its own rewards, it veered away from my core passions: creating art and the tech side of things (websites, emails, data, graphic design!)
This realisation, was pivotal, serving really as a compass redirecting me towards my true north.

And the funny thing is that years ago I was working with a Coach to identify the topic of my first online class. And I wanted to create a course for artists on how to create their website. I started preparing material for it but I felt it was lacking a deeper connection to my higher purpose. The idea was good but it felt raw, unripe. It needed more… And now, as you’ll read below, I kinda done a full circle…


The Business of Art

Look, I’m an artist, but I’m also a designer. I love the freedom of creating but I could never live without the structure of design.

I feel like this dualism meets within me. I am one because of the other and vice versa.

And this was a serendipitous discovery. My fascination with the business side of art, my background in design and tech, have became instrumental.

I worked in e-commerce for years and I found myself drawn to the intricacies of setting up websites, crafting email, building an email list, and finding ways to get more eyeballs on my art.

And I knew I could help other artists in navigating the often overwhelming business aspects of their craft.


Motherhood: A Catalyst for Determination

Becoming a mother added a new dimension to my journey and discovery.

If you’re a parent, I’m not going to sugar coat it, because you know… time magically vanishes, constraints and responsibilities become your new normal, yet for me it also solidified my ideas.

The desire to pursue my art and business side of things became even stronger, fuelled by the need to show my child the value of following one's passion and the importance of perseverance.

The shift from “making it despite of lack of time” to “making it because my time is more precious now”.

Because of the new dimension those tiny humans open in our lives. While sometimes it can feel like a black hole leading you straight to hell 😂, other times the planet are aligned in the most perfect way and life is magnificent.



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Instagram Unexpected Growth

Last year, my Instagram account experienced what can only be described as a madness of growth. With over 128k followers within a single month. Read more about it here.

This (unplanned) exponential increase transformed my digital landscape overnight. From a relatively small-ish account, I found myself at the helm of a large and rapidly expanding community. With new eyes on my work, and the pressure to understand and engage with this growing audience was immense.

This sudden visibility brought with it a mix of wine, exhilaration and apprehension.

Questions swirled in my mind: Who are all these new people? What do they expect from me? Do they expect anything from me? How can I stay true to my art with so many eyeballs on it?

This phase of my journey was a dark and complex puzzle, balancing the authenticity of my work with the expectations of a diverse, global audience.

And then, just a couple of months later, maternity leave ended and I went back to my full time job.

With a new art community to (learn how to) foster and, most importantly, my tiny human ❤️


Clarity and Purpose

Few ugly cries led me to a voyage of self-discovery - which I know is a funny way to grow in life but as they say when you reach the bottom the only way is up.

And up I went. Towards a place of clarity and purpose. I know this sounds very inspirational Pinterest quote or Ted Talk 😂 but really the struggles and uncertainties became stepping stones, guiding me to understand that my role extends beyond being just an artist. My technical background makes me an advisor, a guide for fellow artists lost in the maze of the art business world. And bringing two different things together has never felt better.


Artist, 9-5 Worker and Mother

Running my art business alongside full-time work, and now, motherhood, has become my norm. Waking up at 5am makes life, dreams and goals collide.

It's a life filled with schedules, early mornings, and the constant juggle between personal and professional responsibilities. Yet, through this balancing act, I've never viewed my journey as extraordinary. Instead, it's been a testament to the power of dedication, a clear vision and a good dose of obsession.

To me, my story isn't about being special or possessing an unparalleled talent for multitasking. It's about having a dream so strong that it fuels my determination, driving me to find time where there seems to be none.

It's about being a bit obsessed with reaching my goals, willing to push through tired eyes and carve out moments for my art and business amid the chaos of everyday life with a toddler.

I really wanted to my story with you, not because of any unique ability, but to demonstrate that achieving your dreams is possible with dedication.

My message to my fellow artists, especially those who are parents and full-time workers, is simple:

If I can do it, so can you.

It's not about having special powers or more hours in the day; it's about leveraging your passion, focusing your efforts, and being relentless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.


If you're navigating similar challenges and looking for guidance, consider booking a 1-On-1 Art Consultation with me. Together, we can work on transforming your art business into a thriving venture that balances beautifully with family life and your day job.



My Journey Shared

Today, I stand ready to embrace this role fully. My mission is to illuminate the path for artists like you, helping them find their way in the often intimidating business side of art. I am committed to sharing my knowledge and all my mistakes so you don’t have to stumble on the same problems, from setting up your website to navigating marketing strategies, growing your online presence, ensuring that your art finds its audience and flourishes. I’ve walked (and still I am walking) in your shoes, you are not alone.

This blog post on my journey - through the unexpected twists of Instagram ups and downs and the relentless pursuit of my art amidst the demands of work and motherhood - is my invitation to you.

It's an invitation to embrace the challenges, to see the potential in every obstacle, and to understand that dedication and passion are your most powerful tools.

As I continue on this path, balancing life's responsibilities, my goal remains the same: to empower and inspire.

To show that with a clear vision and a persistent heart, the art world is ours to conquer. Let's embark on this journey together, not as individuals striving in isolation but as a community united by our shared dreams and unwavering dedication.

In sharing my story, I hope to ignite a spark within you, the same spark that drives me every day. Together, let's turn our dreams into our reality, one dedicated step at a time.



A Future of Art & Business

Looking ahead, I am filled with excitement for what the future holds.

The journey has been rich with learning and growth, and I step forward with the confidence that the best is yet to come. I know it is.

I am eager to continue thriving in my dual roles, creating art that I love and helping other artists build their presence in the digital world.

I am one because of the (often quite different) things that meet within me.

And my story is a reminder that our paths may twist and turn, but with each step, we come closer to understanding our true selves and how we can best serve the world with our talents.

Explore, question as much as you can, find where your deepest passions lie, not just in the art you create but in how you share it with the world.


You’ve got this.

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